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Intruduction Of SC Group
By Managing Director

I have pleasure in introducing the family company of SC Group to you,

SC Group founded by Mr. Mohammad Reza (1764-1845 A.D.), when he officially invited to come and settle in Tehran, the new capital of Iran. He started importing watches from Switzerland, which was a historical event, and the ruler granted him the surname of  '' Saatchi ''  which means dealer of watch.

He married in Switzerland and our grand great mother is Swiss.


 Doing Business With Ethics

 Putting relationships before short-term profit

 Caring about every member in our company


 To be the leader in trading across the Iran region



 To provide unparalleled service to the local industry

 To be the partner of choice to our suppliers and customers

 To join with the best suppliers who provide quality products & services

 To be environmental friendly


 Bringing the human part in us when dealing with others


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